How To Sell Home Quick And Put Cash In Your Pocket!

As real estate professionals we are able to solve many problems that homeowners face today.  We understand there are several approaches to buying and selling properties and offer our expertise to help you pick the best one for you.

Who are we?

We make use of a network of very experienced investors who present expert, instantaneous resolutions like: stopping foreclosure, default assistance, relocation, divorce assistance, selling estate settlements and managing burdensome tenants or extremely damaged houses. If any of these conditions characterize you, then please keep reading for a valuable explanation that can be of assistance to you!

What Makes You Different? Or, Can You Buy My House For Cash?

Well first of all, we are interested in purchasing your house (no matter the circumstance or condition), and we do not want to list it for sale or tie it up indefinitely. We promise not to take up your time (or ours) with hollow promises … we shoot straight. If we can buy your house we will tell you quickly, if not we can offer helpful information on how you might be able to sell home quick. Our offer will be fair, we assure it. We are a financially sound and well funded company. We will at once take the financial burden of any monthly mortgage obligations off your back, and we will also make arrangements to take care of any necessary repairs, regardless of how minor or how serious.

Simply speaking, we can make a profit on homes that even Real Estate Brokers would turn away from … because we have relations with contractors, banks, and most importantly other investors. When we make an agreement with you to buy your property… we mean it!

You May Ask Should I Sell My House Fast? Or, Why Don’t I Simply List With A Real Estate Broker?

Have you thoroughly considered the cost of selling a house the customary way? In a Real Estate Broker’s listing agreement you are accountable for your payments while the Real Estate Broker tries to locate a qualified retail buyer, we will at times take over your mortgage obligations for you when we buy your home! Furthermore unlike a Real Estate Broker, there is not a listing obligation and 6% selling commission. Furthermore, closing costs which are the accountability of the seller (that’s you!), usually run about 4%. Those two expenses alone amount up to $10,000 on a $100,000 house. That’s $10,000 you would endure to sell your home the customary way!

For a lot homeowners like you dealing with problem tenants, relocation, foreclosure, bankruptcy, estate settlements, divorce, or an extremely impaired property you need to find a resolution Fast. Trying to sell your home the customary way by listing with a Real Estate Broker and waiting 4-7 months for a retail prospect simply isn’t an option. A typical retail prospect also takes an additional 45-60 days to obtain financing after agreeing to buy your house. Imagine who would be accountable to pay the payments on your house throughout that period? That’s two additional payments you would need to make, and that’s if you had a retail prospect today. What if it takes 7 months; what if it takes 1 year? Furthermore, if your house needs work you will need to pay to fix it before the bank will lend the money to your retail prospect. Not very convenient for you; not to mention how much longer it would take to get the house prepared to sell. Unlike some Real Estate Brokers motivated to only list your house, we are investors absorbed in genuinely buying your house.

Why Don‘t I Simply Advertise It Myself? Or, Sell Home Online?

Those who have never tried to sell home fast themselves simply do not seem fully grasp all that’s involved: The analysis, the duration, the waiting, the marketing that never seems to get results, dealing with strangers going through the house. Strangers that feel compelled to pick apart the most trivial appearance of your decorating tastes. People, who will put on a happy expression, nod and act serious, but never get back.

The cost of selling a house can be a much bigger hassle than you ever thought imaginable … in fact, it can easily turn into your worst bad dream; you get your sign, you submit your advertising, and you show your home. Then, you wait … you try to contact the lookers and leave messages on their answering machines. Maybe you actually locate a qualified buyer, and write up an agreement and then … several weeks pass. You start wondering if something has gone badly. You finally contact the proposed buyer only to hear them precipitously say, “Oh, well we’ve decided not to get the house after all … sorry”. You are then back starting over again with no real prospects and another mortgage installment due in less than a week. This is, unfortunately, a frequent occurrence experienced by homeowners trying to market their homes themselves.

Benefits To You (Seller) – Here’s the Deal and our Promise to You!

Fast sale of your home – We will provide solutions in an expeditious manner.

Certainty of Sale – Avoid the disappointment of ‘selling’ you home, waiting 30 days (or more) for a retail prospect to qualify and then finding out the deal fell apart. We offer solid financial solutions. In fact, we are pre-qualified to purchase residential real estate under the guidelines of our lenders.

Avoid Brokers Commissions – No need to pay a Real Estate Broker the typical 6% fee.

Receive Quick Relief from Mortgage Obligations – Can a real estate Broker promise that?

No More Intrusive House Showings – Allow our qualified professionals to look over your house and it’s done.

If you need to sell home fast and want to speak with someone directly, simply fill out our contact form and one of our associates will contact you. If you just want some tips on how to sell home quick … then please download our FREE eBook which is full of good tips to sell home fast.

You can get on with your life!

Ok, we understand that people need to sell their house for various reasons. Maybe you need to move out of state to start a new job, and don’t want to be accountable for two house payments. Maybe it’s a company downsizing that creates the problem. It could be bankruptcy or foreclosure… or they could’ve won the lottery. Perhaps you want to build a new house and are short on capital … just tired of the same old neighborhood and need something bigger or something smaller. It could a new marriage or the birth of a child … or maybe you’ve tried renting the house and the tenants have destroyed it or refuse to move out.

No matter your situation … moving across town … across the US … to a new home or to an apartment; the point is that you need to sell and that house has become something to move beyond. To sell, to put behind you, so you can get on with the business of living your life!

We’re not being cynical … this is reality for many folks and we are able to provide options … real solutions! Obviously, at this point we can’t know your situation or particular reasons you would need to sell house for fast cash, but keep in mind, you won’t know how we can help you unless you contact us and hear our offer to buy your house.  We offer professional treatment, quick decisions, and a fair solution to your unique problem.

What do we do now?

We understand that you have gotten mouthful and it is a lot of information to digest at one time, but by sticking with us to this point confirms that we should meet and that you’re interested in doing what is necessary to GET YOUR HOUSE SOLD FAST!

Why not give us a call … you have nothing to lose!!

Finally – We don’t know how long you’ve been trying to sell your home (or thinking about selling) but every day you wait is costing you more money and time. Don’t let your house become a liability, a burden, a financial monkey on your back. Let us speak frank … even a Dream Home can become a Financial Nightmare. Here is your opportunity and there is a real good chance that we can assist. Don’t procrastinate… CONTACT US TODAY!