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Foreclosure Sale Eviction

April 3, 2008

in Community Blog

foreclosure sale eviction
Anyone know the foreclosure laws/eviction laws in state of MISSOURI?? Please only SERIOUS answers!!?

I’ve been foreclosed on my mortgage, and the house will sell on the courthouse steps on the 24th of August and I cannot find anyone who can tell me when I have to move out after the foreclosure sale.
I’ve contacted my bank, the attorney representing the bank, the courthouse, sheriff’s department, my attorney, and looked on the net. NO ONE can give me a straight answer.

I am hoping we have at least 30 days to move, but don’t want to be shocked if someone shows up at my door next Thursday and forces us out of the house.
We missed 4 pmts on a mortgage that we’ve had for 14 years, and the bank foreclosed on us….

Please only people who really know what they’re talking about respond. I need accurate answers please!

I honestly don’t know the Missouri laws, but I know in Pennsylvania where we live it depends on who buys the property. Basically, once they buy it at auction it’s theirs and they could call the sheriff and have you removed immediately. The sheriff sale will occur, and then the auctioneer or his staff will actually give them the keys and all the paperwork to the property at the sale… the buyer has to come with a certified check for at least 10%, and paperwork indicating that they either have the remaining amount in cash or as a guarenteed loan (like a mortgage), and then they hand them the keys.

At that point, you are basically trespassing. Some people are nice, and some aren’t– so they may even go as far as physically removing someone from the residence– especially if they plan on coming in, cleaning up and renovating and then selling the property at a profit. Every day counts for them, so they really want the people out.

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