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How to Deal with Connecticut Water Damages

December 18, 2010

in Community Blog

There are many pros to deciding to choose to move to Connecticut. First, there are many cities to explore from its capital, Hartford, to the largest, Bridgeport. Second, it is bordered by nice neighbors New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island with a temperate climate complementing its charm.


But although everything seems perfect in this state, it doesn’t mean that water damage in Connecticut is just a figment of imagination . It happens, and it’s important to be prepared to handle it when it strikes your own home.


Safety is the main concern when flooding is an issue . Immediately shut off gas and electricity when there’s flooding inside the residence . Even when the water level is not high and is only confined to one room, it’s better to err on the side of caution . Better to be safe than sorry! Add up on ventilation, too. Open windows and closet doors, and install additional fans and dehumidifiers as soon as possible.


Unplug all appliances and air dry as many things as you can, prioritizing from the most important documents to least expensive knick knacks. Irreplaceable items must be given priority as well.


Take note that your first priority is to remove standing water. If you’re filing an insurance claim, take photos for proper documentation before doing any cleanup activities. Depending on the extent of damage , it is in most cases better to hire professional help. The cleaning and restoration companies around your area are well-equipped to undertake these tasks. This is especially true when your basement is flooded with water. Removing the water would be stressful if you don’t have the right equipment.


Equally important is the proper training of the cleaning crew to ensure safety of all the people involved as well as to salvage priceless, irreplaceable and important things affected by the flooding.


When everything’s been cleaned, disinfected and dried, the homeowner can now begin with the restoration process. This may take some time , but don’t worry you will get there. Also, have a lineup of maintenance activities that you will undertake year-round. When you’re diligent about home maintenance, water damage in Connecticut will be minimized and you’ll feel safe and secure, too.

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