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Indymac Loan Modification Forms

November 3, 2007

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Loan Modification Affiliates: the Hope of Desperate Homeowners

[Below is an excerpt from a live loan modification teleconference]

Mike:    Here’s the design of these calls goes like this. What we would like to do is cover all the chapters of the workbook in about three sessions. So we’ll cover a couple chapters tonight and a couple chapters on Thursday and a couple more next Tuesday so that someone receiving the kit, like today, can tune in and get off to a really fast start. And the questions that we take from you need not be related to those two chapters but we want to be sure that routinely we’re going over the basics of the workbook because it’s really, you know, the paint by numbers simple, do it yourself guide for loan modifications so we want to keep, you know, kind of preaching form the Bible.

Ryan:    Okay, and if you don’t have the workbook or something like that don’t worry about it if you can’t afford it or you’re not going to buy it or you’re having us do it for you. You don’t have the workbook for you. We’re doing your loan modification, you don’t have the workbook. Don’t worry about it. It’s general interest stuff. It’s pretty logical and you take some notes and if you have any questions you can always email help@60minuteloanmodification.com. Okay, Dad, chapter one of the book is I did it and you can too. It’s your own personal story. Why don’t you tell us your story about how you got into this personally with your own loan modifications in ten minutes or something.

Mike:    I won’t belabor it because I know many of you have heard it or you got the 60 Minute Loan Modification Secrets CD but let me just quickly run through my experience and I hope it’s helpful to you and encouraging to you. Last summer my, working as a realtor, my income took a pretty significant dip and I had at that time owned five rental properties as well as my own home here in Torrance, California. And so on all of them, really, I was, because my own income was so hosed up I was in, you know, in danger of defaulting on the mortgages and losing them. And so what I plotted to do was to approach IndyMac, who was the holder of the mortgage on my own home, and ask them simply if I could take a month off without getting a ding on my credit. And I thought it was a simple enough request and innocent enough and would have only cost them one month’s worth of interest. Would have cost them a few thousand dollars, but no, they wouldn’t allow that.

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