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Loan Modification Help Non Profit

April 10, 2008

in Community Blog

loan modification help non profit
Pls. HELP, Loan Modification question.?

We called our lender, through Central Mortgage Company, requested for Loan Modification, but was told that the process takes up to 4 months plus,….i dont think we have four months or so to wait on whether we’ll get approve or not. What should we do as we are running out. Our dues is about 3700 a month, and told them we can only pay 2500 and they said thats fine, but will be charge late fees, etc. They said they will account it as “Good Payment”….Are there any non-profits out there that can help us. We are in California, in the Bay Area. PLS. HELP. We do not want to loose our home. Should we refinance,etc…

Step one. Stop worrying. You are actually at an advantage here. Not only are you in the part of the country that is experiencing the highest foreclosure rates, but the largest loss of value. The LAST thing your lender wants to do right now is foreclose on you.

Here is what you need to do. Do a Google for SF Bay Area Housing Assistance. Find a non-profit that specializes in loan re-modification and debtor education. They will assign a counselor to you and renegotiate with your mortgage company on your behalf. That is what they do.

STOP calling your mortgage company. Their job is to scare you in to paying. Finally let me end where I began. STOP WORRYING. There is help. What ever you do… DONT REFINANCE!

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