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Loan Modification Helpline

October 26, 2007

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Countrywide Mortgage Modification

If you are one of those people who have a loan application with Countrywide, then it is time to re-consider the options open to you. There may be a chance that you can land up an even better mortgage modification scheme than the one which you already have. There are numerous benefits which are obtainable from the application of Obama’s plan and some of them might be even for you. So do not waste the chance of getting more benefits than you already are from mortgage modification schemes.

Some of you who may be left disillusioned by the methods of Countrywide bank in making a modification on your loan, may be in for a nice surprise with Obama’s plan. Due to the large number of banks which are taking part in the Home Affordable Plan, there has been a veritable increase in the number of options which have opened up to you. But you need to be eligible for consideration under this plan. There are a few rules which are supposed to be adhered to by the plan.

The new rules say that Countrywide will have to consider any application which has passed the eligibility criteria. This comes as a welcome surprise for many Countrywide clients who were previously denied loan modification due to the stringent rules of the same. The benefits of the new program are manifold. The rate of interest can go down as low as 2% which is very good for delinquent homeowners. Also, the period of payment for the entire mortgage may well be extended up to 40 years. In addition to this, according to the benefits of this program, the lender can defer a portion of the principal amount, based on calculations of your financial condition.

The best way to go about this is to gather lots of information on the program and how Countrywide is expected to function in accordance. The internet is a good source of information regarding the same. Also, you can get information directly from the helpline numbers of the bank or the federal plan department.

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