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Loan Modification Laws

November 10, 2007

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loan modification laws
Loan Modifications and Chap 13?

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Loan Modifications and Chapter 13?

If some one is compled to file for chapter 13 becasue their Mortgage company was jerking them around can you convert to a Chapter 7 and reaffirm your loan? isent chapter 7 a liquidation of all the assets under the current law if so how does one protect their house? my mortgage company gave me a temporary modification and then desice to revoke it so I didn’t get my hardship modification now they have filed for a motion stay from relif so they can foreclose on me my chap 13 attorny is no help to me right now I m so confused could some one be kind enough to shed some light in to as what I am suppose to be doing what is the difference between chap 13 and 7 ? what is re affirming a mortgage ? how safe are third party modification companies

skip both and sell 25-60% of your house. seriously!

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