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Mortgage Loan Modification Fair

November 6, 2007

in Community Blog

Are you happy that our government is taking tax dollars from you to bail out irresponsible mortgage borrowers?

“Taxpayers are mad – especially those who held off buying their own homes or were careful not to spend beyond their means.”
“All these idiots who bought homes they couldn’t really afford are going to be rewarded with loan modifications, but what about those of us who didn’t make stupid decisions?”

The article is about federal foreclosure prevention/mortgage restructuring programs FOR INDIVIDUAL BORROWERS, NOT BANK BAILOUTS.
Mr. Right-You’re right, you can’t fix stupid, but should we have to pay for it?

I’m mad as hell. First, I waited until I got married and had a job to have children. Then, I actually paid off my college loans. On top of all that, my husband and I built a three-bedroom home and actually stayed in it instead of moving up to a five-bedroom because the mortgage company said we qualified. When is responsibility going to start paying off?!

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