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Mortgage Loan Modification Terms

April 16, 2008

in Community Blog

mortgage loan modification terms
Did a mortgage loan modification help?

How much more affordable did a loan modification make your mortgage payments and what terms were changed on your loan?
Hmmm, thought my question was pretty straight forward. It is not a general question. I am asking about YOUR personal experience, not what happens in general. If you have not personally had a loan modification, the question does not apply to you!

My payments went down 4$00.00 a month. It all depends on how much you owe and what your rate is right now. I owe 360000 and my rate went down 1.25% from 7.25% to 6% fixed. Also I think it depends on the bank and what they want to offer you. The person I went through was in New york and his name is Thomas contact # 13472150569 give him a call if you need help

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