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Short Sale House Sell

November 25, 2007

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short sale house sell

5 Steps To A Successful Short Sale

Short sales have the potential of being long, complicated and frustrating. However, if you take the time to plan and focus on the steps you need to take to make it successful then a short sale can end up being a great deal of all parties involved. One of the most important things to remember when going into a short sale is to be patient. It can take sixty to ninety days to get a short sale going, but if the right deal comes around it can be well worth the wait. Before you decide to go ahead with a short sale whether you are the buyer, lender, or property owner, always make sure you have expert assistance so that everything runs smoothly. Short sales can be tricky especially if you are not familiar with buying and selling property.

Step one to a successful short sale is contacting the lender. This should be done as soon as possible because it can take a lengthy amount of time to get the lenders approval. Quite often a lender will not even look at your case until you have an offer to negotiate. It is still important to contact the lender first thing, to make sure you know exactly what they will require before looking at your sale. Sometimes they will have a list for you of all the forms they will need to look at your short sale, and to negotiate a decision. Since this process can take awhile it is smart to have everything ready to go when the time comes to present your short sale to the lender.

Step two to a successful short sale is marketing. Market your property, and find some potential buyers. This can be tricky because the sale must still be approved by the lender. This can act for or against you in marketing. Some buyers will not want to wait for the lenders approval, but some will be enticed by the possibility of a great deal and want to wait it out. The best way to market your property is to work on pricing, staging. Staging includes making the home look attractive to the potential buyers, highlighting the best attributes of the property and making it look better than the competing properties around it. Pricing can be tricky, use the help of a professional to make sure you choose the right asking price to attract buyers without giving your property away.

Step three to a successful short sale is negotiating the agreement. This can take a little while because it is sometimes hard to find a buyer willing to wait the for the lender and pay the asking price. Usually short sale properties sell for less than the typical home in a given market. This can be because of the long wait included in a short sale, and usually because the owner of the property is usually in danger of foreclosure. Most likely the owner wants to get rid of the house as quickly as possible so the price goes down to speed up the process. Once you find a buyer and negotiate an agreement it is time to move onto step four.

Step four to a successful short sale is putting a package together for the lender. This just means getting together all of the paperwork the lender requires. If you completed step one, then this should be quick and painless. It will make for a much quicker interaction with the lender if you have everything ready to go before you talk with them.

Step five to a successful short sale is to call your lender. Find out how the lender wants all of your information sent, and make sure they get it. Usually it is smart to both mail and e-mail the package to the lender, just to make sure that nothing is lost. At this point you wait…hopefully not for too long. You can bet on a counter proposal, usually the lender does not take the first proposal. Make you as the realtor you are warning your buyers of this ahead of time. Once you can reached a negotiation with the lender, then the sale can be completed.

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